Surface Preparation

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Recommended Products

  • Floor Tile Remover

    Floor Tile Remover
    • ear-defenders
    • eye-protection
    • power-breaker
    • safety-footwear
    • vibration-caution-amber

    Hire rate includes:One blade. Equipped with a specialist flooring removal tool, this powerful breaker will remove and lift tiles, lino and other floor coverings quickly and efficiently

  • Floor Scarifier

    Floor Scarifier
    • ear-defenders
    • estate-car

    This industrial scarifier removes compacted grease, food residues and finishes from hard floorings to leave ready for normal cleaning

  • Surface Scaler

    Surface Scaler

    Hire rate includes: One set of star flails. Preparing concrete for refinishing, cutting non-slip grooving, or removing surface coatings this high-performance scaler gets the job done fast

  • Concrete Planer

    Concrete Planer
    • breathing-masks2
    • eye-protection
    • power-breaker
    • vibration-caution-amber

    Hire rate includes:One diamond wheel. Smooth small areas of stone, masonry and set concrete quickly and easily with this hand-held diamond wheel planer