Surface Preparation

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Recommended Products

  • Floor Tile Remover

    Floor Tile Remover
    • ear-defenders
    • eye-protection
    • power-breaker
    • safety-footwear
    • vibration-caution-amber

    Hire rate includes:One blade. Equipped with a specialist flooring removal tool, this powerful breaker will remove and lift tiles, lino and other floor coverings quickly and efficiently

  • Aggressor Surface Grinder

    Aggressor Surface Grinder
    • breathing-masks3
    • ear-defenders
    • eye-protection
    • power-breaker
    • protective-gloves

    Hire rate includes:Diamond disc. Fitted with aggressor diamond blades, this tough hand-held grinder is perfect for keying concrete, removing paint and general laitence removal on floors or walls

  • Floor Tile Stripper

    Floor Tile Stripper
    • ear-defenders
    • estate-car

    Hire rate includes:One blade. Lifting floor tiles, linoleum or carpet? This easy to use vibrating blade machine will cope with most commercial and domestic surfaces

  • Heavy-Duty Surface Scaler

    Heavy-Duty Surface Scaler
    • breathing-masks2
    • ear-defenders
    • eye-protection
    • power-breaker
    • safety-helmets
    • truck
    • vibration-caution-red

    A real heavyweight floor scaler! Powered by a 9 HP petrol engine, it will quickly remove difficult floor surface coatings and create non-slip surfaces, tackling over 45m2 per hour